Visual Pedestrian Analysis

There are strong constituencies who want to improve the bike and pedestrian environment. But of all the options for doing that, which ones offer the most return on investment? Benefits include improved safety, more direct paths, protected paths, reduced waits at traffic signals, and also qualitative features such as better shade and more visually interesting environments - and ultimately it is about attracting more users.

Metro Analytics coordinates with Transpo, the makers of Viacity, to develop maps and charts showing the combined benefits so you can see who benefits from various scenarios, and pick good projects that best target your values.


This graphic is a pedestrian analysis showing the improvement to the pedestrian environment that would occur on Logan's Main Street corridor if they converted from what would be two parallel 5-lane highways that both have two-way flow, to two 3-lane highways that each have one-way flow.

This graphic shows before and after pedestrian improvements combined with a view of the density of each parcel, so you can easily see if the benefits are targeting the most intense development.

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