StreetPlan makes it easy to design streets in real time so that City Councils and project interest groups can discuss the pros and cons of various options. It includes guidelines for lane widths, speeds, streetscape, and other features that vary by place-type and functional class.

Make realistic, dynamic pictures worth a thousand static pictures, to draw participants in and help them quickly emotionalize just how bland and auto-oriented their existing streets are. They then get excited to use StreetPlan to craft them into something more livable. Many are calling it a "game changer" or a "killer app" because it is so simple and useful. Some cities report saving thousands of dollars now that they don't need to hire architects to create cross-section renderings.

It also includes an aerial "Footprint Builder" so you can apply your cross-section directly at the correct location. If you're proposing to widen the right-of-way, Footprint Builder will help you easily see the implications of doing that.

Try it out! Then register by clicking "Login" to begin saving your work. See examples below.

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