Economic Impact and Development

Create economically viable places

Economic Impact

Metro Analytics owner, Chandler Duncan, is one of the nation’s top consultants in the field of transportation, planning, and economics, with over 70 economic impact studies to his credit. Thought leaders working in Metro Analytics have experience with many established transportation organizations and institutions, including the American Society of Civil Engineering, the American Public Transportation Association, the U.S. Maritime Administration, the Appalachian Regional Commission, and many others. Metro Analytics members have also worked as prime consultants on major economic impact studies for the Utah DOT, and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, as well as MPOs throughout the nation.

Metro Analytics is one of the only U.S. firms with staff proficient at integrating travel demand models, such as TransCAD and Cube, with economic impact models, such as REMI and IMPLAN, at the local, national, and global levels. Our transportation economic capabilities extend far beyond the benefit/cost spreadsheets of typical firms to consider the underlying drivers of trade, social equity, and economic sustainability.

Economic Development

Metro Analytics is one of the leading firms in social equity-based approaches to development with unique demographic modeling and outreach capable of assessing latent sources of value in a local economy. For example, Metro Analytics has doctorally trained Historians on staff currently developing evidence-based methods to identify legacy costs of social inequity and practical solutions to ameliorate and prevent such costs in the future. Metro Analytics member consultant, Kevin Johns, has published extensive work on The Math of Poverty and the practical fiscal tax savings, and other positive societal outcomes that can be achieved from enhanced transportation and urban planning approaches.

Metro Analytics has enabled agencies to secure billions of dollars in transportation grants through cost-benefit analyses and other forms of ROI. The Metro Analytics approach to making the business case extends beyond standard BCA guidance into the more challenging-to-quantify areas of aesthetics, quality of life, social equity, and sustainability.

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