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Our benefit/cost analysis wins grants

HOW TO WIN A Federal Grant

Funding Opportunity: Grant Programs Throughout 2022

There are more than 31 federal grant programs available through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). Each program is extremely competitive. It requires a strong case tat for sustainability and equity, benefits will significantly exceed costs. Programs like the Railroad Crossing Elimination Grants, the Reconnecting Communities Grants, PROTECT Resilience Grants, the Bridge Investment Program, RAISE and INFRA planning and implementation grants and Safe Streets and Roads for All each have unique requirements requiring adept economic analysis, social equity measures and resilience analysis to make a compelling case for funding.

Metro Analytics – We Can Make Your Case

Metro Analytics’ members have helped secure grants by identifying sources of benefit often not immediately visible from simply “following the directions” in USDOT’s grant guidance documents. For example, quantifying benefits of livability, social equity, resilience and economic vitality requires going beyond the simple cost-benefit spreadsheets many analysts use. As a group that has published nine national guidance documents through the National Cooperative Highway Research Program relating to these issues, Metro Analytics is uniquely positioned to help select clients make their funding case. Our team includes former FHWA leaders and reviewers as well as best-in-class national experts in demonstrating the value and benefits of transportation investments. We will study your project and then make a powerful case for the benefits to economics, mobility, sustainability, environmental, safety, and equity.

Let’s Win Grants – together.

Metro Analytics’ members have participated in some of the most successful grants in the nation including:

Data and fact gatheringWe will help you determine if your project meets all funding criteria.
Project EnhancementWe will offer insights on your odds of winning and offer strategies to improve your ranking.
Storytelling, MessagingPresentation matters! Enticing layouts, soundbites, and graphics will tell your story.
Letters of SupportSecure as many support letters as possible from stakeholder and interest groups.
Benefit-Cost AnalysisLet use professionally demonstrate your project benefits mathematically

Tips on How to Win a Federal Grant

Be Clear

Must be compelling

White space is your friend – Reviewers don’t need to know everything. Resist the urge to fill up every inch with wordy content.


BCA ratio >1.0

The BCA is the math of your project – the detailed proof that benefits outweigh costs. If the BCA is too high, it may create skepticism and scrutiny of your methodology.

Local match

20% local match

This may be reduced for rural areas or for areas of persistent poverty


Public Engagement

Explain how you will complete any remaining NEPA or state/local requirements before construction. A description of public engagement efforts to date is required.

Primary Selection Criteria

Project Requirements

  • Safety
  • Quality of Life
  • State of Good Repair
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Economic Competitiveness

Secondary Selection Criteria

Icing on the cake

  • Partnerships – including public and private;
  • Innovation – new technologies or strategies for project delivery, financing, community integration, etc.

Next Steps

The final application must be submitted through www.Grants.gov, and you must obtain a DUNS number and register with www.SAM.gov. The registration process usually takes 2-4 weeks.

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