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We analyze mobility problems and create scenarios to optimize transportation efficiency, increase use of alternative modes, reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled, enhance economic competitiveness, and create “Places.”

Travel Demand Forecasting

Performance Measure Optimization

Urban Visualization Tools

Planning & Visualization = Success

Economic Attractiveness

Create economically viable places


Our benefit/cost analysis wins grants

Freight & Logistics Planning

We can improve freight movement


Finding tomorrow’s solutions

Transportation Master Plans

Creative solutions to meet values & goals

Traffic Studies & Simulations

Traditional and mixed-use analysis

Innovative Intersections

Drive slower, but travel faster?

Explore the possibilities

Your roads are congested. You waste time sitting through never ending traffic lights. Business is flat. Nothing is being done.

If this sounds all-too-familiar, you’re going to love Metro Analytics.

We deliver tomorrow’s solutions, today.

Our diverse team brings extraordinary talent and fresh new approaches to the most challenging transportation problems. Leading the national research into right-sizing, we explore scenarios to optimize key performance measures.

But that’s not even the best part! We find solutions so stakeholders can discuss the pros and cons of various options. We visualize the challenges and opportunities in a simple and useful format. Communities benefit from shared input and buy-in to innovative solutions.

If this sounds too idealistic, and you haven’t heard of Metro Analytics, begin a discussion. We will listen to you, and explore if our services are ideally matched to your specific challenges.

To begin the process of improving the economic vitality of your community, go to now, and explore how you can use to begin your journey.

As your imagination explodes with the potential for your community to move into an economically stronger future, give us a call to explore the possibilities.


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To begin the process of improving the economic vitality of your community, give us a call and explore the possibilities with us.

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