Transportation Master Plans

Some Transportation Plans are pretty much a map showing future arterial and collector streets. Ours are more thoughtful, comprehensive, and interactive. We thoroughly dissect your city - your context within the region, the needs of your emerging demographic mix, and opportunities within your economic context. We find the root causes of existing and emerging challenges. We help you identify your values, and select performance measures to judge how well candidate projects will help you meet your goals and objectives. We then invent creative solutions that will be effective, sustainable, and affordable to implement. We will help you...

  • Reduce congestion and delay
  • Increase land use & transportation efficiency
  • Increase use of alternative modes
  • Reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled
  • Catalyze development of "Places"
  • Enhance economic competitiveness

We specialize in Complete Street designs for activity centers, station areas, and corridors. We have a strong niche in the emerging field of Innovative, Alternative Intersections that not only ease traffic congestion, but also help catalyze higher-density, multi-modal environments. We are regularly invited to conferences across the nation to present win-win design strategies for traffic, transit, bikes, pedestrians, and economic development.

If you will be updating your master plans soon, please let us know early about your pending Request for Proposals so we can show you how we can help.

Example Transportation Plans

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