Strategies for Improving Your Economic Attractiveness

Good jobs and efficiency are the life-blood of economic health. States, regions, and municipalities are always competing to improve their appeal. When businesses relocate, here are common questions about candidate locations…

  • Is there chronic, serious congestion?
  • What is the region doing to deal with it?
  • What is the transit experience like?
  • Can we maintain reliable access to a large, qualified labor pool?
  • Will it be easy and pleasing to walk to lunch and other services?
  • Is the area aesthetically attractive and well maintained?
  • Are there attractive places to live close to work?
  • Are schools safe to walk to?
  • Can our employees exercise as part of their commute?

Metro Analytics evaluates these questions, and offers practical ways to improve your economic attractiveness. Agencies often have policies and plans that inadvertently contribute to congestion and impede the market from creating fantastic, economically viable "Places." We will study your land uses, streets, transit, and freeways - hunting for practical projects that will reduce congestion, reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled, increase the use of transit and active transportation, and increase your odds of attracting great jobs.

Federal BUILD & INFRA Grant Analysis (Formerly TIGER and FASTLANE grants) - We conduct economic Benefit Costs Analysis for federal grant applications and to help you make the case for your project before all stakeholders. We can evaluate the economic benefits of just about any multi-modal mobility improvement you can think of.

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