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Is your infrastructure aligned with the changing needs of your community? Metro Analytics can help!

These new solutions are based on real agency experience applying right sizing solutions from NCHRP 917. The result is an interactive playbook that DOTs, MPOs, and partners can use to right size their transportation portfolio for the future.

NCHRP 20-44(22)
NCHRP Report 917
Right Sizing Transportation Investments:
A guidebook for Planning and Programming Implementation

Past generations have left a legacy of transportation assets for Implementation today’s society. This legacy carries tremendous value along with the responsibility to adapt the transportation system in response to evolving economic, societal, and environmental awareness.

Agencies and stakeholders are increasingly aware that the arrangement of resources, land, cash flows, and infrastructure inherited from the past often require “right sizing” to free up resources, improve performance and enable progress to occur.

NCHRP 917 Right-Sizing Transportation Investments: A Guidebook for Planning and Programming (2019) led by Metro Analytics offered practical ways that transportation agencies can embrace right sizing as a paradigm for investing, planning, and prioritizing their choices.

Right Sizing Playbook

Easy-to-use first-steps for agencies to implement.

Know the Assets and Seek Their Best and Highest Use1. Life-Cycle Cost Test
2. Alignment Test
3. Best & Highest Use Test
Because it can be difficult for agencies to evaluate which actions best satisfy right-sizing policy goals, NCHRP 917 policy guidance recommends a “three-part test” to evaluate changes in transportation infrastructure or policy.
Manage Corridors for Right-Sizing ObjectivesView right sizing design solutions that integrate travel demand management with innovative urban and infrastructure concepts to achieve right sizing objectives.
Use Models and Scenario Plans for Right SizingBecause right sizing is about aligning resources with needs, the models that agencies use to assess demand, economic impact, and user benefits can find new uses in a right sizing context.
Create A Future-Proof NetworkThis play highlights the master architecture process and includes a case study of how the process was applied in Asheville, NC.
Consider Centers as a Transportation
Performance Investment
Livable Center Initiatives (LCIs) are a way to reduce vehicle miles of travel, increase accessibility, reduce emissions and enhance safety while enabling the same economic activity to occur using less infrastructure cost.

Metro Analytics in collaboration with NAS has been working with four states to align their existing infrastructure portfolio with the changing economic technology and social equity needs of their population. Right Sizing drives efficiency by creating performance outcomes without extensive outlays on new infrastructure.

The implementation projects demonstrate new right sizing methods and tools that practitioners can use.

What can you expect?

  • A playbook describing key steps to right size transportation investment. It is a simpler, easier way to access and use the material found in the Final Report.
  • Tips on scaling transportation investment to account for volatile technology and economic conditions.
  • Practical solutions for addressing demand in a changing digital economy.
  • Practical guidance to save infrastructure dollars by implementing livable centers.

This investigation was sponsored by TRB under the NCHRP Program. The contents of this presentation have not been reviewed by the project panel or NCHRP, nor do they constitute a standard, specification, or regulation.

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