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Metro Analytics is focused on the most critical issues in transportation for the 21st Century.

What can you expect?

Innovative tools like the Arc Diagram below will visually display the relationships between system objectives and the trends and issues that influence them. Topics around the arc diagram will link to full descriptions in the Final Report that is expected to be published in 2022.

NCHRP 20-126(2)
State Transportation Agency Multifaceted
Decision-Making for Future System Performance

Using a Playbook

A playbook is a simpler, easier way to access and use the material this project will deliver. It will describe to a user an analytic framework that can aid in decision making and how the framework could be adapted to local or regional conditions. The trends and issues reflected in the framework were drawn from:

Renewing The National Commitment To The Interstate Highway System: A Foundation For The Future 2019 (TRB)
Rebuilding the System’s Foundations, Expanding and Managing Urban System Capacity, Demand for Changing the System’s Length and Layout,
Changing Centers of Population and Economic Activity, Future Travel Demand and the IHS, Climate Change, Adding Resilience, Ensuring Safety While Accommodating a Growing and Changing Vehicle Fleet, Future Impact of Connected and Automated Vehicles on the IHS
Critical Issues In Transportation 2019 (TRB)
Serving a Growing and Shifting Population, Goods Movement, Safety and Public Health, Equity, Energy and Sustainability, Resilience and Security, System Performance and Asset Management, Transformational Technologies and Services, Research and Innovation, Funding
World Economic Forum Global Risk Report 2020
The world’s (in)ability to collectively address pressing issues, Trade Policy, Climate Change
Equity, telework, e-commerce, electric vehicles, and labor issues

How is this different from today’s approach?

An analytic framework organizes, structures and very often visually displays information for analysts or decision makers to facilitate the absorption and sense-making of information. It facilitates logical thinking in a systematic manner. In a multi-jurisdictional or multistakeholder environment, it provides a means for all parties to assess the information through
a common platform.

The analytic framework developed for this project explores the relationships between system performance objectives and the trends and issues that influence them. It describes and visually represents the interconnected and interrelated nature of these objectives and the trends and issues state transportation agencies are considering or need to accommodate.

We are proud to be leading NCHRP Project 20-126(02) to support multifaceted decision making by state transportation agencies.

This investigation was sponsored by TRB under the NCHRP Program. Data reported are a work in progress. The contents of this presentation have not been reviewed by the project panel or NCHRP, nor do they constitute a standard, specification, or regulation.

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