Wade Carroll

Associate Partner | Consultant | Marketing Officer

In his over 20 years of experience involving trails, livable community centers and transportation and economic development planning, Wade Carroll has gained a profound understanding of the relationship between land uses, community preferences, and the demand for bicycle and pedestrian travel. Wade also has a track record for identifying strategies to leverage local dollars with available regional, state, and federal funding to maximize implementation of study recommendations. In recent years he has either led or played a significant role in more than eight studies relating trail and bicycle/pedestrian facility development to economic vitality.


  • MPA, Urban Planning and Management, University of South Florida, 1997
  • BS, Geography, City and Regional Planning, Western Kentucky University, 1993

Licences and Certifications

  • American Institute of Certified Planners, Since 2000, #015749

Skills & Specialisations

Wade has over 20-years’ experience, and as project manager over dozens of efforts he has successfully ensured his teams deliver timely, high quality project deliverables within the specified budget. Wade is based in Atlanta, where he led two Livable Corridor Initiatives to revitalize older corridors. As part of these efforts, Mr. Carroll managed the development of guidelines for the design of walkable thoroughfares with accommodations for freight, transit and bicycles. These types of applications, tailored for local characteristics, are critical for developing recommendations for multimodal corridor planning.

  • Freight Planning and Policy
  • Corridor land use and transportation planning,
  • Multimodal planning and integration
  • Implementation strategy


  • As project manager , Wade has successfully ensured his teams deliver timely, high quality project deliverables within the specified budget.
  • 20-years’ experience project management
  • 2 Livable Corridor Initiatives to revitalize older corridors
  • Developed guidelines for multimodal corridor planning
  • Experienced Freight Planning Project Manager
  • Freight planning and performance monitoring
  • Freight Cluster Studies, Atlanta Metro Area
  • Strategic Regional Thoroughfare Plan, Atlanta Regional Com
  • MPO Guidance on Freight Planning and Performance Monitoring
  • Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Study, Atlanta International Airport area

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