Wade Carroll, AICP

Associate Partner | Consultant | Marketing Officer

Wade Carroll has over twenty-five years of addressing a wide range of planning focus areas – including freight, economic development, land use, and multimodal transportation. His experience also includes working with a wide range of clients, including national cooperative research programs (CRPs), state DOTs, transit agencies, councils of governments (COGs), community improvement districts (CIDs), and local governments. With that said, Wade is most proud of his work with MPOs of all sizes. From a national perspective, Mr. Carroll served as Project Manager for the NCHRP 1002: Metropolitan Planning Organizations: Strategies for Future Success, the most comprehensive inventory of MPO best practices to date. Wade has also led projects for multiple MPOs of all sizes – including the 18-county Atlanta Regional Commission (large), Montgomery, AL MPO (midsize), and Albany, GA (small). His combination of statewide, regional, and local planning experience offers him a profound understanding of how federal and statewide policy influences MPOs and local government decisions.


  • MPA, Urban Planning and Management, University of South Florida, 1997
  • BS, Geography, City and Regional Planning, Western Kentucky University, 1993

Licences and Certifications

  • American Institute of Certified Planners, Since 2000, #015749

Skills & Specializations

As noted in his bio above, Wade has served as project manager for several plans with a wide range of focus areas and a wider range of clients.  As such, he fully recognizes it is the overall mission of the client and its constituents that drive the development of actionable plans – regardless of its focus (freight, transit, et al.).   Therefore, he understands the importance of getting to know his clients and their expectations while developing a project scope of services and subsequent recommendations. Wade is very proud of his track record of developing meaningful policies and successful work programs from his efforts. His skill sets include the following:

  • MPO planning and policy
  • Statewide, regional, and community freight planning
  • Federal and statewide policy and funding opportunities
  • Comprehensive corridor planning (recognizing overall community function)
  • Transit planning and community benefits


  • NCHRP 08-122: Metropolitan Planning Organizations: Strategies for Future Success
  • Alabama Statewide Transportation Plan Update
  • Alabama Statewide Freight Plan Update
  • MPO Regional Plans (Atlanta Regional Commission, Gadsden, AL MPO)
  • Regional Freight Profiles (North Central Alabama Regional COG, Albany, GA MPO, Montgomery, AL)
  • Transit Development Plans and Feasibility Studies (Gainesville, GA MPO, MARTA, Charlotte Area Transit System)
  • (Area-Level) Freight Cluster Studies, Atlanta Metro Area
  • MPO Guidance on Freight Planning and Performance Monitoring (ALDOT)
  • Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Studies (Fairburn, Mountain View, and Boulevard CID)
  • Strategic Regional Thoroughfare Plan, Atlanta Regional Commission

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