Torrey Lyons Portrait

Torrey Lyons

Transportation Equity

Dr. Lyons has emerged as thought leader on the topic of transportation equity, with two forthcoming peer-reviewed articles on the topic and nearly a dozen academic and professional conference presentations. Torrey’s rigor in research design is also evidenced by his two coauthored chapters in the new book published by Routledge entitled Advanced Quantitative Research Methods for Urban Planners. Prior to joining Metro Analytics, he completed post-doctoral studies in the planning department at UNC Chapel Hill.

Torrey’s practical use of quantitative and spatial tools (maps, tables, and other information) is effective in articulating equity issues in the engagement process. He has extensive experience conducing case studies, interviews and qualitative research to understand the public engagement process. His award-winning dissertation examined social equity in transportation services, establishing a new method for quantifying equity in transportation and finding that regions with better transportation services experience lower levels of unemployment and poverty. Dr. Lyons has coauthored articles on the connection between economic development and travel outcomes, improvements to travel demand modeling, and the qualitative and quantitative analysis of transportation choices. Dr. Lyons has led nine projects funded by local planning agencies.

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