Noel Comeaux Portrait

Noël Comeaux

Freight and Maritime

Noël Comeaux is a 25-year experienced marine and freight planner who has addressed truck rail, deepwater and shallow draft marine terminals and navigation, inter/multimodal movements, and air cargo. He has worked on almost every side of the industry such as in the private and public sectors as well as for federal and state civilian and defense agencies. He has also worked on international efforts such as for the Panama Canal Authority.

Most recently, he supported the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in developing the key issues section and SWOT analysis for the 2020 Florida Mobility and Trade Plan (FMTP) as well as truck parking at the statewide level and in District 2. He further supported FMTP implementation in providing background information for Critical Rural Freight Corridors (CRFCs) and Critical Urban Freight Corridors (CUFCS). In this case, the goal was to review other state methodologies to help Florida determine an analytical way to designate these corridors. He also reviewed other state practices for truck managed lanes and alternative fuels.

He further led actual development of the Lee County MPO LRTP Freight Element and Phases 1 and 2 of the Space Coast Freight Study in Florida, whereby Phase 2 focused on oversize/overweight interstate and regional truck movements. Further, he developed a berth utilization model for the Port of New York/New Jersey.

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