Matthew Miller

Operations Manager/Administrative Officer

Matthew Miller is currently a senior researcher at Metro Analytics. He is a transportation planning consultant with a background in social science research, and a bent for coordination, administration, and project management. Matt’s technical skillset is in data analysis (spatial, longitudinal, and cross-sectional) and visualization using Excel, GIS, R, and most recently Tableau, including extensive experience in ‘data wrangling’ for all three platforms. Matt’s planning experience includes scenario development, forecasting, trends, performance metrics & policy evaluations in the context of regional planning, urban development patterns, socio-demographics, and system planning.

Matt was previously the operations manager and administrative officer, where his duties included, providing accountability and guidance to new project coordinators, facilitating weekly operations meetings to provide accountability and address difficult issues, creating and developing systems to administer proposals and projects, including documenting practices and writing policies, tracking and interpreting financial indicators, addressing issues to meet company financial goals, and Administering SharePoint and Company IT.

Matt’s qualifications in transit include over 10 years of experience in long-range transportation planning (focusing on Bus Rapid Transit) and published peer-reviewed articles and reports on the effects of fixed guideway transit over time. Matt is a member of two TRB standing committees: Light Rail Transit Committee (AP075) and Public Transportation Planning and Development (AP025).

As a doctoral student, Matt worked with Dr. Reid Ewing on estimating the effects of land use on travel, applying Dr. Ewing’s 7D framework, with a research focus on transit, including TOD and transit ridership. His dissertation work was on analyzing transit ridership and building direct demand models.


  • PhD (ABD), Metropolitan Planning, Policy, and Design, University of Utah, 2020
  • Master of Urban Planning, University of Utah, 2007
  • BA., Urban Planning, University of Utah, 2005

Skills & Specializations

Matt Miller is a senior planning analyst with Metro Analytics. Matt has worked with Metro Analytics for the past 10-years. Matt was a primary author of the AMPO Award Winning Envision Missoula long range transportation plan, has pioneered the application of direct-demand models to evaluate destination access, diversity of land uses, density, transit access and other factors on urban corridors throughout the nation. He is currently serving as the principal policy analyst on NCHRP 08-122 – a national guidebook for MPO’s in the 21st Century. Matt is also currently leading direct-demand land-use based transportation assessments for Capital Area MPO (CAMPO) in Raleigh North Carolina.

  • Expert in transit planning
  • Transit (LRT, SC, BRT, bus)
  • Transit Oriented Development
  • Built Environment/Travel Behavior
  • Long Range Transportation Plans
  • System Planning
  • GIS and spatial data science
  • Regression analysis


Matt is passionate about transit ridership forecasting and performance-based planning.

  • Primary author of the AMPO Award Winning Envision Missoula long range transportation plan
  • Pioneered the application of direct-demand models
  • Principal policy analyst on NCHRP 08-122 for MPOs
  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and high-capacity transit routes in Charlotte, NC Study
  • East Lakefront District TIGER Grant
  • WFRC Joint Goals and Performance Measures
  • Envision Tomorrow Plus (ET+)
  • Salt Lake County Hedonic Analysis
  • Utah Statewide Travel Model

Organisation Memberships

  • Board Member, Utah Transit Riders Union
  • Member, TRB Standing Committee APO25: Public Transportation Planning and Development

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