Mary-Katherine Duncan

Associate Partner | Organizational Development Officer | Sr. Historical Consultant

Mary-Katherine is a doctorally trained historian who has conducted research, written, and taught on the topic of how cultural, social, political, and economic forces in societies and organizations develop and interact with individuals over time, in both national and global historical contexts. She has successfully developed and administered educational curricula at various levels to make historical concepts, methods, and perspectives practical and applicable for a lay audience.

Mary-Katherine has directly applied her research and production background to the arena of transportation research in her work as a research assistant and co-editor on NCHRP 584 Synthesis: Visualization of Highway Performance Measures. She also recently performed an historical review of changes in the use of the Ohio River over time in relation to the current economic transition from the coal economy as part of a project for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Mary-Katherine has also applied her abilities as co-editor on the educational Playbooks published for NCHRP 08-124: Quantifying the Impacts of Corridor Management and NCHRP 20-44(22): Implementing Right-Sizing Solutions.

Mary-Katherine is currently the principal researcher on the development of Metro Analytics’ Historical Equity Action Lens (H.E.A.L.) – an applied evidence-based methodology for diagnosing the ongoing costs of historically rooted systemic inequities in transportation networks and applying that knowledge to: develop more targeted equity performance measures, more effective solutions to current challenges, and more effective methods for preventing and anticipating future challenges.


  • B.A., History and Classical Civilizations, Minor, Religious Studies, UNC Greensboro, 1996
  • M.A.,, US History, Concentrations: Religion, Culture, and Foreign Relations, UNC Wilmington, 2012
  • PhD. (A.B.D.), History of US Foreign Relations, Concentration: Intercultural Relations, Conflict Prevention & Resolution, University of Connecticut, 2017

Skills & Specializations

  • Academic research, writing, and editing
  • Application & development of evidence-based historical research methodologies for present-day problem-solving
  • Communication, instruction, and application of historical and other humanities-based concepts for lay audiences
  • Equity
  • Community Engagement
  • Intercultural/Identity Group Relations
  • Subjective/Lived Experience Studies


H.E.A.L.: Historical Equity Action Lens, Present

NCHRP 584 Synthesis: Visualization of Highway Performance Measures, 2022
Kentucky Riverports, Highway and Freight Study, 2022
 NCHRP 08-124: Quantifying the Impacts of Corridor Management Playbook, 2022 
NCHRP 20-44(22): Implementing Right-Sizing Solutions Playbook, 2021

Academic Projects

“Living the White Man’s Burden: Cultural Imperialism in the Boxer Uprising as Lived Experience,” Present
“In Her Own World: Eva Jane Price and the Boxer Uprising as Intersubjective Experience,” 2013
“Fumbling the White Man’s Burden: Discourse, Cultural Imperialism, American Protestant Missionaries, and U.S. Military Intervention in the Chinese Boxer Uprising of 1900,” 2012

No projects listed

Organisation Memberships

  • Society of Historians of Foreign Relations - Member
  • NC Society of Historians - Board Member

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