Chris Huffman

Land Use/ Transportation

Chris has twenty-seven years of experience with the interaction of transportation (supply) and land-use (demand), in the balancing and sustainability of the dynamics of supply and demand, and the connections between them that connects people to places. Some of his accomplishments the successful long-term corridor management plans that engage intergovernmental agreements and public-private partnerships and ensure the best and highest uses for both transportation facilities and adjacent land uses. Chris has also led the development of programs and policies for transportation corridor management, spatial access tracking, and safety analyses. Furthermore, his previous experience includes administration of funding programs that leverage multiple levels of public funding and private equity investment.

Chris is a Certified Real Property Appraiser in Kansas and Missouri, an NHI Certified Instructor, Classroom and Distance Learning approved, and Kansas Supreme Court Approved Core and Civil Mediator. He is also a member of the TRB Committee on Access Management.

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