Barry Mason

Sr. Freight System's Architect

Barry has served for past 30 years in the areas of; commercial vehicle inspection and enforcement operations, truck enforcement stations, ITD, e-screening, virtual bypass sites, intelligent transportation system (ITS) for Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO), truck parking, truck only lanes, inland ports, trans-loading, cross docking, multimodal centers with a goods movement focus. He provides these services through the understanding of FMCSA regulations for safety and FHWA regulation for size and weight that are cornerstones for commercial vehicle compliance enforcement operations.

Barry specializes in commercial vehicle enforcement, operations, planning, feasibility, design, and construction inspection, for commercial vehicle enforcement facilities all with a commercial vehicle evaluation and inspection focus. He understands CVO behaviors, and their risk/reward values to meet or exceed their clients’ needs. He has developed new prototype commercial vehicle enforcement solutions to help states meet or exceed FMCSA and FHWA regulations for commercial vehicle compliance; e-screening, virtual network, virtual bypass, mainline/ramp WIM, and new functionalities for commercial vehicle enforcement projects throughout the USA. He works to solve the ever-changing commercial vehicle driver needs of current and future demands from the CVO industry with new truck configurations, growing on- board safety functionalities and future communications between trucks for added safety and potential platooning of trucks. His experience brings a full range of services for goods movement operation, inspection and screening. Barry supplied these services for 2 major seaports of LA/LB, 1 major inland port, 63 fixed weigh stations, 54 rest areas, 11 virtual bypass sites, 12 virtual weigh stations, 1 non-manned (operated remotely) virtual weigh station, and planning of 50 plus virtual screening sites nationwide.

A major part of Barry’s engagement with CVO matters has been related to educating police officers and state DOT employees in the size and weight regulations, hours of service regulations and truck parking requirements associated with those activities.


  • BS, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, 1984
  • AA, Tallahassee Community College, 1982
  • AA, Wallace Junior College, 1981

Skills & Specializations

  • Deep knowledge of Freight User Needs
  • Client Centric Leader
  • Innovative Thought Provoker
  • Dynamic Communicator of Industry Needs
  • Trucking Industry Expert


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