The strength of our company is our people. See the breadth of experience by selecting a bio or a practice area.


Mike Brown

Mike Brown

Founding Partner

Mike is an “outside the box” problem solver.

  • Original ideas recognized as first in the nation
  • Complete Streets expert
  • Unique focus on Place-Making Alternative Intersections
  • PI for NCHRP 08-124, Impacts of Corridor Management Strategies
Chandler Duncan

Chandler Duncan

Managing Partner

National expert with over 24 years of research and consulting experience relating to the performance and economic role of transportation facilities, corridors and programs.

  • Lead Economist for 66+ projects
  • Led or investigated 10 NCHRP/NCFRP studies
  • Economic Freight Analytics
  • Chandler has led Benefit / Cost Analysis for some of the most complex projects in the country.


Wade Carroll

Wade Carroll

Transportation Planning

As project manager , Wade has successfully ensured his teams deliver timely, high quality project deliverables within the specified budget.

  • 20-years’ experience project management
  • 2 Livable Corridor Initiatives to revitalize older corridors
  • Developed guidelines for multimodal corridor planning
  • Experienced Freight Planning Project Manager
  • Freight planning and performance monitoring
Kevin Johns

Kevin Johns

Economic Development

Kevin is the former Director of Economic Development for Austin, Texas – a top-tier economic success story.

  • 15-billion in capital investment
  • 8,000 new jobs
  • 2 multi-billion redevelopments
  • 22 innovation companies
  • helped construct 230 public private partnerships
Matt Miller

Matt Miller

Transit Analyst

Matt is passionate about transit ridership forecasting and performance-based planning.

  • TRB committee on public transportation planning
  • Primary author of the AMPO Award Winning Envision Missoula long range transportation plan
  • Pioneered the application of direct-demand models
  • Principal policy analyst on NCHRP 08-122 for MPOs
  • Expert in transit planning
  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and high-capacity transit routes in Charlotte, NC Study
Reid Ewing

Reid Ewing

Urban Analyst

Reid is the 6th most published urban analyst in the world, and a professor at the University of Utah famous for the 7-D’s

  • Growing Cooler offers local planning responses to climate change
  • Metropolitan accessibility characteristics affect vehicle miles traveled, passenger miles traveled, mode share, trip and parking generation, automobile crashes, obesity, and energy use
  • Key measures for project justification and prioritization
Matt Preisler

Matt Preisler

Aviation Practice Leader

Matt has conducted over 700 interviews and site visits with stakeholders

  • 20+ years of airline and airport consulting experience
  • Statewide airport system plans
  • Air cargo system plans
  • Regional multimodal transportation plans (aviation lead)
  • Economic impact studies (airport specific and statewide)
Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris

Systems Planning

Jeff brings over twenty-five years of achievement in transportation planning, research, and policy development related to multi-modal transportation networks.

  • Six years as Utah DOT’s Planning Director
  • Eleven years of transit planning leadership
  • Over eight years of relevant private sector expertise
  • Equals 25 + years of unique, multi-discipline expertise
    Frank Broen

    Frank Broen

    Visualization Specialist

    Specializes in simply visualizing communication

    • President Teach America
    • Secretary TRB ABJ95 Visualization in Transportation
    • TRB Access Management Webmaster
    • TRB Data and Analysis Group Communication Coordinator
    • TRB Communication Coordinators Committee Counsel
    • 40+ years experience
    • Supported 25 national transportation conferences
      Rob Schiffer

      Rob Schiffer

      Travel Demand Forecasting

      For 35-years, Rob has built a reputation as one of the nation’s leading travel demand modeling experts.

      • Maintains FuturePlan, LLC
      • Refined over 50 models and more than 30 MPO LRTPs
      • Studies in 26 states
      • Past Chair and Technical Chair of 2009 and 2011 TRB Transportation Planning Applications Conferences
      • Technical Chair of the 2018 and 2020 TRB Tools of the Trade Conferences
      Chandra Khare

      Chandra Khare

      Travel Demand Forecasting

      Chandra Khare has more than sixteen years of experience in travel demand model development, corridor planning studies, transit ridership and revenue forecasting, survey design and market assessment.

      • Developed GA Statewide Model
      • Corridor planning studies
      • FTA New STarts/Small Starts
      • Survey design and market assessment
      • Transit ridership and revenue forecasting
      Barry Mason

      Barry Mason

      Freight Logistics

      Barry provides transportation-logistics industry knowledge to meet public sector needs in freight planning and Weigh-in-Motion systems.

      • Out-of-the-box thinker
      • 30 years of leadership experience
      • Commercial vehicle inspection and enforcement operations
      • Truck enforcement stations
      • e-screening, virtual bypass sites
      • ITS for Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO), truck parking and goods movement
      David Proffitt

      David Proffitt

      Resilience and Sustainability

      David has a passion for seeking effective techniques for helping cities achieve fiscal and environmental sustainability.

      • Identifying best practices for sustainable development
      • How communities build resilience in the face of climate change
      • Pioneered state laws in California and Oregon
      • Background in media and communication
      • An artisan of 7-d development techniques
      David Hurst

      David Hurst


      A senior project manager with 19 years of experience working with state, local, national, and private clients on transportation planning and asset management.

      • Completed LTRPs and TAMPs in 13 states
      • Worked on 2 international transportation projects
      • Led development of new asset management system to 30+ clients
      • Committee member for NCHRP Synthesis 508 (Data Maintenance and Governance Practices)
      Jason Bodgen

      Jason Bodgen

      Transportation Planning

      Transportation planning is an exercise in organization and management, and heavily connected to public policy.

      • PhD in “Organization and Management” from Cappella University
      • Expert in resiliency
      • 21-year Marine Corps veteran
      • Led alternatives analysis for 9 wargame scenarios
      • Led crisis response plans for Marine Corps Resiliency Working Group
      Jimmy McDonald

      Jimmy McDonald

      Freight and Maritime

      Jimmy leads Metro Analytics Freight Practice, applying his vast experience with riverports and freight connections to help move goods more efficiently by all modes.

        Tim McGuckin

        Tim McGuckin

        Mobility As A Service

        Tim’s contacts with Transportation Network Companies and his awareness of tech-trends in first-mile, last-mile, and everything in-between incites will help our stakeholders create a first-class park and ride plan.

        • Executive Director of “MaaS America”
        • CEO of A-to-Be USA, the US arm of a multinational mobility technology solutions provider
        • CEO of GeoToll, Inc., a mobile payments start-up providing GPS-enabled smartphone solutions
        Chris Huffman

        Chris Huffman

        Certified Real Property Appraiser

        Chris has over twenty-five years of experience with much of it focused upon the interaction of transportation and land use (supply and demand).

        • First Administrator of the Kansas DOT’s Corridor (Access) Management Program
        • FHWA) Project on Nationwide Residential Real Estate Market Data Analysis of Negative Equity
        • Lead Instructional Systems Design (ISD) and instructor of this three-day engineering course
        Martin Markovich

        Martin Markovich

        CV/AV, Economist

        Martin brings a wealth of economic and state agency experience to the team. Martin brings a unique understanding of the health care and health access needs of the population.

        • Senior Economic Analyst in the Office of Policy Planning/Systems Implementation at Florida DOT
        • Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Planning (CV/AV)
        • Prepared long term FDOT funding for MPOs
        Mike Onder

        Mike Onder


        For more than 20 years, Mike helped develop trade and transport policy strategy.

        • International, National and State level
        • United States, Asia and Europe
        • ITS approaches for integrating systems
        • Safety and efficiency are core concepts for all projects
        • Adept at supply chain dynamics
        • Understand both the private and public sector needs
          Jim Boes

          Jim Boes

          Senior Aviation Planner

          Jim has a strong understanding of aviation and airport issues through his experience as an aviation planner and professional pilot.

          • 20 years of aviation and airport related experience
          • 14 years of experience as an aviation planner
          • served on numerous aviation advisory boards
          • certified flight instructor
          • Pilot for 25+ years
          J Scott Lane

          J Scott Lane

          Multimodal Planning Expert

          In his 28-year career, Scott has emerged as one of the nation’s foremost experts on MPOs

          • Executive Director for three MPOs
          • Founding chairman of the NC Association of MPOs
          • Certified Master Instructor by the League of American Bicyclists
          • Led best-practice research in 3 NCHRP projects
          • Maintains J.S. Lane Company


          Noël P. Comeaux

          Noël P. Comeaux

          Freight and Maritime

          With 25 years experience in transportation planning, notably freight, Noel has addressed all public and private facets, including:

          • Port capacity planning
          • Logistics and shipper considerations
          • Truck parking
          • Last-mile logistics
          • Stakeholder outreach
          • Federal and State funding
          • Economic development
          • Risk and Resiliency
          An Ho

          An Ho

          Web Programmer

          If you can dream it up, An can affordably get it on the internet.

          • Proficient in multiple computer languages
          • developed business intelligence and revenue/loss diagnostics for Target Stores
          • Builds dynamic, user-friendly, interactive web applications
          • Mapping travel demand model via Google Earth, Google Maps, ESRI