Mike Onder

Freight Specialist

Mike has been involved in freight transportation operations and consulting for over 45 years. The last 20 years have been focused on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) with wireless communication and freight architecture, Commercial Vehicle Operations enforcement, Freight Advanced Traveler Information Systems (FRATIS), and Smart Roadside. He worked for government and industry over those 45+ years but retired from Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in 2012 as the head of Freight Operations and Technology for the Office of Freight Management and Operations (HOFM). Since then, he has conducted consulting projects with a focus of attention on freight systems connectivity. He has a strong interest in the connection of vehicles and systems that will allow seamless non-congested movement of passenger and freight vehicles.

Mike is especially interested in the interchange points for freight that need smart connections to operate in a seamless manner. Additionally, he has been working on freight data exchange standards with ISO and the United Nations for the past 12 years. He has published technical specifications for freight processes and freight governance. He managed the development of a freight plan for Washington DC, conducted an ITS project for the Florida DOT related to getting electronic data to the roadside that will match trucks to the oversize and overweight permits. He is currently conducting a project for the Nevada DOT on the development of design criteria for a commercial vehicle enforcement (CVE) network.