Matt Miller

Senior Transportation Planner

Matt Miller is senior planning analyst with Metro Analytics, offering very broad expertise in data analysis (spatial, longitudinal, and cross sectional) using GIS, Excel, and the R language for statistical computing, including extensive experience in ‘data wrangling’ for all three platforms. Matt’s experience includes scenario development, forecasting, trends, performance metrics & policy evaluations in the context of regional planning, urban development patterns, socio-demographics, and system planning. As a doctoral student, Matt worked with Dr. Reid Ewing on estimating the effects of land use on travel, applying Dr. Ewing’s 7D framework. Matt’s research focus is on transit, including TOD and transit ridership. Matt’s dissertation work is on transit ridership including sketch models and direct demand forecasting. While working on his PhD at the University of Utah, Mr. Miller has produced literature reviews for publication, both as part of empirical studies and as stand-alone literature reviews. Matt is an experienced rapporteur through a combination of his work in public involvement and in project administration. He has been responsible for recording and reproducing the proceedings of relevant meetings and workshops for over a decade. Matt is a thoughtful and reflective practitioner devoted to using data and infographics to inform and educate decision-makers.