Matt Miller

Senior Analyst

Mr. Miller is senior analyst with Metro Analytics, offering very broad expertise in data analysis (spatial, longitudinal, and cross sectional) using GIS, Excel, and the R language for statistical computing, including extensive experience in ‘data wrangling’ for all three platforms. His expertise includes scenario development, forecasting, trends, performance metrics & policy evaluations in the context of regional planning, urban development patterns, socio-demographics, and system planning. Matt helped develop a shared MPO-DOT-Transit agency performance metrics as part of Performance Based Planning and Programming initiative. For Metropolitan Area Planning Council of Boston, Matt test-implemented the feasibility of project prioritization methodology. Matt is a thoughtful and reflective practitioner devoted to using data and infographics to inform and educate decision-makers. Matt is also serving as Primary Analyst on NCHRP 08-122 (future of MPOs) and a supporting analyst on NCHRP 20-125 and NCHRP 08-124.