Mary-Katherine is doctorally trained and published historian who has studied and taught on different eras and cultural, social, political, and economic influences of how societies and organizations develop over time. She has developed and administered educational curricula to make historical learning practical for a lay audience. Mary-Katherine has directly applied her research and production background to creating an NCHRP synthesis on Visualization of Transportation performance measures (NCHRP 52-16: Visualization of Performance Measures) and the playbook for NCHRP 20-44(22): Implementing Right-Sizing Solutions. Mary-Katherine recently performed a historical review of changes in the use of the Ohio River through the economic transition from the coal economy as part of a project for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and were co-editors of the educational playbook for NCHRP 08-124: Quantifying the Impacts of Corridor management. Mary Katherine is currently principal researchers for Metro Analytics’ Historical Equity Explorer – an applied template for diagnosing the ongoing costs of historically rooted systemic inequities in transportation networks and their role in diagnosing current conditions and future trajectories.