Jimmy McDonald

Freight and Maritime

Jimmy is Metro Analytics Freight Practice Leader, providing unique freight and multi-modal transportation experience including statewide system planning, intermodal logistics center, freight terminal development, and robust knowledge of supply chains. He has worked directly with many private sector, federal, state, local, and international clients during his 20-year career in transportation planning.

He recently provided Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) seven years as onsite project manager working for the Freight and Seaport offices on the FDOT Freight Plan and managing the Seaport and Waterways System Plans. He provided critical leadership creating a $150 million-dollar bond program. Throughout his involvement with several state departments of transportation he coordinated with leadership including Secretaries and Deputy Secretaries providing support on critical issues, planning for future scenarios, creating workable strategies, and real solutions. In 2014, Jimmy performed related activities for FDOT’s Freight, Logistics, and Passenger Operations office, researching bridge strikes and elisions, impacts, and technological solutions including early warning collision avoidance systems. This research led to a briefing paper presented to the Assistant Secretary following the Matthews Bridge collision in Jacksonville Florida and was subsequently presented at TRB Ports and Harbors Committee meeting in Washington DC as an innovative approach to smart bridges and waterway safety.

Jimmy’s experience includes working with the USDOT, Maritime Administration (MARAD), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Florida Ports Council (FPC), leading U.S. seaports, river ports, and inland waterways. He has a deep understanding of freight data with advanced analytical capabilities including working with IHS TranSearch, FAF, BTS, PIERS, Waterborne Commerce Statistics, and many others. He has a Master of Business in Supply Chain Management from Florida Institute of Technology and more than 11-years of successful project management on Freight related projects.