Innovation Databases

The following links are to databases produced as part of NCHRP Projects 08-122 (NCHRP Report 1002: Future of MPOs) and NCHRP Project 08-124 (forthcoming). Following the completion of each project, Metro Analytics has continued to improve on the databases by using Tableau Online to provide a pan-and-zoom map navigator with side bar with filters on right-side to identify the most relevant records. Each circle or dot represents one record, and each can be clicked for more detail, including a hyperlink to the relevant document or web-page. The states are color-coded and number to indicate the number of records related to that state. In some cases (such as in the District of Columbia) the circles may very nearly overlap and it is necessary to zoom in to distinguish between records.

MPO Innovation Database

The MPO database documents novel or noteworthy MPO practices in a database. The right-bar provides a breakdown of the records by topic and almost makes it possible to filter by region size, to make it easy for small MPOs to identify practices relevant to their own region and staff capacity. Circle size represents a regional population category.

Tableau Online MPO Innovation Database (Dec12)

Corridor Innovation Database

The Corridor Innovation Database is more detailed than the MPO Innovation database; it contains too many fields to be used as a filter at once, and so visual navigate and query has been divided into two ‘search engines’. The first covers the Context Attributes, Goals and Measures, and Data & Analysis Methods. The second covers Congestion Relief Tools, Land Use Efficiency Tools, Non-Auto Modes, and TSMO and TDM.

Tableau Online Corridor Innovation Database Search Engine 1

Tableau Online Corridor Innovation Database Search Engine 2

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