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We analyze mobility problems and create scenarios to optimize transportation efficiency, increase use of alternative modes, reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled, enhance economic competitiveness, and create “Places.”

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Key leaders of right-sizing research from throughout the US will be presenting the latest research, approaches and results that can occur when agencies are able to align today’s infrastructure with the underlying economic markets, customers and sources of value in the system.

Economy’s Boosted by Right Sizing

During our interactive exercise at TRB, different roles, perspectives and needs for “Right-sizing” transportation infrastructure will come to life. Participants will be given the opportunity to apply the NCHRP and FHWA research and associated concepts in a ‘real-world’ right-sizing scenario. The role-playing exercise will lead to a critical discussion about key success factors for applying right-sizing principles in transportation agencies.

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Featured NCHRP Studies

NCHRP Project 19-14 Right-Sizing Transportation Investments: A Guidebook for Planning and Programming is complete and ready to use. We are beginning the implementation phase to apply this research. We also are beginning work on

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