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3D Interactive "Corridor Bar Charts" - Metro can easily convert mountains of freight and economic data into powerful visuals that tell a story. The height of the bars can represent either the or value of goods shipped, while the color in this example represents the commodity type. Also summarized is the annual hours of delay accrued to shippers, and the annual freight-related losses associated with congestion.

Who is affected when a key freight facility is closed or congested? This bridge (blue pin) is heavily utilized by zones nearest to it, but surprising locations also pop up, such as the airport, which incurs an extra 51 hours per day, and 121 extra miles driven, due to this far-away bridge closure. Metro Analytics offers interactive 3D maps – just click to see the impacts!

Who depends on infrastructure investment? Which supply chain partners, key occupations and ultimate consumers are made significantly more accessible when you invest in a program of freight improvement? This graphic shows the import and export values of shipments that traverse a particular highway link, and which counties in the region are suffering the most due to congestion on that link.

Web-based dynamic accessibility maps: Click on any point to see time bands of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or anything. Side by side windows show you how that accessibility is changing over time. By linking to larger national networks, these accessibility tools can show same-day delivery radius to key buyers, supplier markets and international gateways for freight clusters. When clicking on a freight cluster location, tables like those in the graphic show how many people and jobs are within the time band of your chosen site.

Multi-modal accessibility: For this Bio-Tech cluster in Atlanta, Green shows how much of the region can reach it within 30-minutes by car at mid-day speeds. Orange shows how that band shrinks during peak periods, and brown shows how much more it will shrink in the near future. Blue shows what can be reached by a 45-minute transit trip today, thus helping make the case for expanded investment in transit to the site.

Freight & Delivery Oriented Cross-Sections: What is the appropriate allowance for street access for delivery trucks, or for trans-loading of different types of cargo at a freight-cluster manufacturing or inter-modal site? How would a proposed freight corridor cross-section accommodate truck traffic, commuting, rail, and existing development? Our custom StreetPlan software can help! To test it for free check out: SP_TrucksRail

Innovative Intersection Designs for Freight Clusters: When there are high volumes of both general and freight traffic, there may be a need to think outside the box and consider innovative designs such as this “arterial interchange.” Continuous Flow Intersections and other creative new designs may significantly enhance truck and commuting access at peak shipping periods.
Metro Analytics is on the forefront of both innovative intersection design and operational analysis; and can link the localized performance of freight cluster access points to wider regional and national economic market access considerations. For more information, check out:

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