Frank Broen

Visualization Specialist

Frank Broen is a national expert in communicating complex transportation issues for planning, systems implementation, multimodal operations, forecasting and trends, and transportation data analytics. He is currently the PI for NCHRP 52-16, Visualization of Highway Performance Measures Synthesis. He serves as the secretary of the TRB Visualization in Transportation Committee and webmaster of the TRB Access Management committee. He also is a member of the TRB Communication Coordinators Council, serving the Data and Information Section. Frank just visualized the NCHRP 25-47 Access Management Communication’s Toolkit.

His experience in developing learning tools from face-to-face, on-line, and interactive courses resulted in AASHTO award-winning products. Frank’s visualization expertise has helped the Florida Department of Transportation communicate mobility, maintenance, economy, and livability performance measures. The Florida Traffic Information applications expanded access to traffic and roadway information. The Project Traffic Forecasting Handbook/Training unified the state’s approach by including the best practices from around the state.

As President of Teach America, Frank supported the planning and execution of over 26 national or regional conferences. He has recorded presentations and produced proceedings for conferences and symposia since 2006. Frank brings added value to every project as an integral team member committed to the project’s success, from drone photography to infographics, interactive apps to brochures, technical guides to conceptual videos.