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Tomorrow’s Solutions Today

We analyze mobility problems and create scenarios to optimize transportation efficiency, increase use of alternative modes, reduce vehicle miles traveled, enhance economic competitiveness, and create “Places.”

Use StreetPlan to design cross-sections; quickly gain consensus to move forward.

Place-Making Intersections: Win-win for traffic, pedestrians, & development.

Learn about pedestrian and other visual analyses at

Make realistic, dynamic pictures worth a thousand static pictures, to draw participants in and help them quickly emotionalize just how bland and auto-oriented their existing streets are. They then get excited to use StreetPlan to craft them into something more livable. Many are calling it a “game changer” or a “killer app” because it is so simple and useful. Some cities report saving thousands of dollars now that they don’t need to hire architects to create cross-section renderings.

What if you could drive slower, but travel faster, on fantastic mixed-use boulevards? Metro specializes in many new designs that make it easier to reduce overall pavement, reduce speed limits, increase space available for other uses, and still improve the average point to point speed for vehicles in spite of reduced speed limits, because you don’t get stuck at traffic signals for nearly as long.

Mobility planning takes vision – and visual analytics. With mountains of “Big Data” from models and live sources, how can you make sense of it? We are data miners, going deep into mountains of data with custom algorithms and visualization techniques to reveal gold nuggets and pearls of wisdom – insightful performance measures that reveal benefits, costs, and consequences of different scenarios. Here are a few of those tools and techniques.

Dynamic Accessibility Maps

Click on any zone and the tool updates access contours and demographic tables.

Dynamic Accessibility Charts

Select jobs or households – a dozen options, to auto refresh. Chart any data!

Artistic Renderings

Pictures that tell your story and move people to action.

Visual Walkability with ViaCity

Where will active transportation projects make the most difference?

Google Earth 3D Analysis

We convert your Performance Measures to 3D for self-guided internet tours.

Connectivity & Network Spacing

Poor grid spacing causes problems. Got problems? We know what to do.

Award Winning

2009 “National Outstanding Achievement” award, by the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (AMPO)

Envision Missoula

Long Range Transportation Plan

2010 “Outstanding Planning” by the Utah APA for Travel Demand Analysis, Place-Making and Innovative Intersection Concepts

State Street

Livable Corridor Study

The Right Choice

We analyze mobiilty problems and create scenarios to reduce delay, increase use of alternative modes, reduce vehicle miles traveled, enhance economic competitiveness, and create “Places.” Subscribe to learn more .