Chandler Duncan

Managing Partner

Chandler Duncan has completed over 64 freight and economic studies in the last decade. His engagements have ranged from port and site-specific facility studies and successful grant applications to statewide freight plans and multi-national trade studies for USDOT. Chandler led the development of TRB’s NCHRP 19-14 guidebook on right-sizing transportation investments. He also recently completed a comprehensive analysis for Missouri DOT of the benefits of improving I-70 as a trans-continental freight corridor and the impacts on respective US states as part of a 2019 INFRA grant application. In addition to economic impact studies for multiple statewide freight plans, he led the 2017 study on the economic impacts of the Appalachian Development Highway System, as well as multiple NCHRP Synthesis studies on investment management and decision making.

As Managing Partner, Chandler is the person responsible for the day to day operations of Metro Analytics. He is outward minded, and serves our client needs, staff needs and ensures that our collective efforts make the world a better place project by project.