What We Bring to Every Interaction

Chandler Duncan

Managing Partner | Sr. Consultant

Mary-Katherine Duncan

Associate Partner | Organizational Development Officer | Sr. Historical Consultant

Wade Carroll, AICP

Associate Partner | Consultant | Marketing Officer

Chandra Khare

Sr. Data Analyst and Modeler

Amiy Varma, PhD, PE, AICP, PTOE

Sr. Transportation Engineer and Planner

Matthew Miller

Operations Manager/Administrative Officer
Frank Broen

Frank Broen

Visualization Specialist
Tony Furst portrait

Tony Furst

Freight, Safety, and Innovation Consultant

Barry Mason

Sr. Freight System's Architect

Matt Preisler

Sr. Aviation Consultant

Vincent Matheney

Sr. Transportation Planner

Felipe Aros-Vera, PhD

Transportation Planner

Gwyn Kash, PhD, AICP Candidate

Equity Specialist and Mixed-Methods Analyst

Gabrielle Westcott


John Betak, PhD

Research, Freight, and Rail Operations

Rob Schiffer, AICP

Travel Demand Models

Stephen Fleck

Data Analyst

Justin Peng

Planner and Analyst

Reid Ewing, PhD

Urban Analyst

Martin Markovich

CV/AV, Economist

Timothy McGuckin

Mobility as a Service
Jim Boes

Jim Boes

Aviation Planning and Analysis

Kevin Johns

Economic Development

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