About Us

Metro Analytics strives to build on our history of success to deliver the solutions our clients and industry need today. Let’s make a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable world – together!

  • We pride ourselves on being an agile organization that can build relationships in ways that others often cannot by bringing the best experts together from across our industry in a virtual environment to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.
  • Metro Analytics consultants have conducted research, published, and taught at the top levels of their fields at colleges and universities throughout the country.
  • Our teams have recently led six major NCHRP research projects in the areas of resilience, corridor management, visualization of performance measures, MPO strategies, right-sizing, and decision-making.
  • The Metro Analytics team includes consultants that have served as practitioners and leaders in transportation agencies at local, state, and federal levels.
  • Our consultants understand the client perspective because Metro Analytics recognizes the necessity of ensuring that our solutions are practical and easy to implement at the agency level.
  • We are dedicated to examining problems from as many different perspectives as possible, integrating established best practices with innovative research in social sciences, technology, and applied humanities to provide tomorrow’s most effective solutions today!
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